Frequently Asked Questions

DJ/Band Equipment

  • What do you have in terms of equipment and seakers that we are able to use?
    We have a PA system with speakers/ microphones which you can either put a play list through or a DJ/Band can attach their own equipment. This is portable and can be set up in and outside. Staff will be on hand on the day to move it where you require and set it up.


  • How much is the shepherds hut?

        £100 per night, it is heated and linen is provided. You can sleep a further              two kids on a bed below the main bed (bedding not provided)

  • What is the charge for people bringing their own caravan/ tent?
    It costs £30 per night for tents and campers. An electric hook-up is £15 for a weekend.
  • What do the caravans offer and how much are they?
    We have caravans avaliable for the weekend. they have toilets, a gas shower, fridge and heating. We have 6 electric hook-ups which are £15 for the weekend. The others will have 24 volts for lights, however you will not be able to use the plug sockets. Please call Sarah for avaliabilty and prices 07933028347.
    NB. We would advise guests that book the caravans have had experience with staying in them as we often find user error is the cause for alerted problems and connot guarantee staff will be on hand to help at night.
  • How much are the bell tents and what are they like?
    The bell tents are very simple, which is why we don't charge much for them. They all have sisal matting and futon beds. We do not provide bedding. They are £50 a night. They do have lighting and a battery bank for charging phones.
  • How many people does the on-site mobile home sleep?
    The mobile home sleeps 6-8 guests. It has three bedrooms, one double and two twins which can also be made up as doubles, then there is a pull-out bed in the living room which is a double. The cost of this is £250 for the weekend.
  • Are towels and bedding provided in the farmhouse?
    Yes, towels and bedding are provided in the farmhouse and bridal shephards hut.
  • Is there an iron and ironing board for us to use?
    Yes, there is an iron and board in the farmhouse.

Staff and Bar

  • We would like a paid bar after dinner, do we need to provide glasses or staff for this?
    The bar is run by the venue, we will provide everything including staff. We do not use glass of an evening. Drinks can be served in tankards (which you pay to replace if they go missing) or compostable cups.
  • Can your staff help to serve the post ceremony drinks?
    No, unfortunately our staff can’t arrive for this, then go home and come back again for the evening bar. They just run the evening bar. The catering staff do this as they are at the venue already. 
  • Do catering staff need to be employed to hand out canapés? Or is that something your staff could help us with?
    Our staff do not get involved with the food. You would need to hire your own catering staff to do this.
  • When will the paid bar be open from and to?
    We normally open the bar after the ceremony, and it is open until 1am.
  • Will the caterers be responsible for clearing the tables or can your staff do this?
    The caterers normally clear the tables, however, if the bar staff are around and not busy, they will always help. This is dependent on the demand at the bar and the general running of the venue.
  • We would like to have fizz for toasting during the speeches. Would your staff be able to serve this?
    This would be done by the catering staff who are already at the venue.
  • With regards to the paid bar, is there a specific amount that must be reached before the end of the wedding?
    A minimum spend of £1,500 is needed on the bar, anything less will need to be made up for.

Catering and Kitchen facilities/equipment

  • Do you have any recommended catering companies?
Catering Companies
Caterers list.docx
Microsoft Word document [32.5 KB]
  • Do we need to rent kitchen equipment or is this provided?
    You will need to rent your own kitchen equipment, including ovens - we have electric for two turbo ovens and a warming oven. Anything else would need to be gas.
  • Do you have any BBQ facilities we could use for the weekend?
    Yes, we have a charcoal one, you will need to supply the charcoal.
  • Do you provide crockery (plates/bowls/cutlery)?
    We do not provide crockery, however we can provide an assorment of glass wear for the tables including 120 water and wine glasses and 240 flutes. Fanfare are good for hiring equipment.
  • Do you serve tea and coffee?
    Sorry, we do not provide tea and coffee. Previous weddings use their caterers or provide cardboard cups and instant coffee/ tea for guests to help themselves.
  • Do the caterers have access to water?
  • Yes, there is a sink or the bar and a double sink for the caterers which has hot water.
  • Are there any fridges and freezers we can use?

         Yes there is larger fridge in the catering area, a fridge freezer in the rasta             shack (outside bar) a small fridge in the games room and a deep freezer in           the catering area. The house has an American style fridge freezer.


Seating and Barn

  • How many guests can the venue accomodate? Day and evening?
    The benue can have up to 140 day guests using the main barn or up to 250 guests if you hire a marquee for the meal. We can host up to 250 evening guests.
  • How many wooden tables are there? How many people can be seated?
    You can comfortably fit 104 people in the barn and up to 140 at a squeeze with an extra table.
    If you would like the stage set up throughout the meal, then the number of tables is reduced, and you would be able to seat a maximum of 74 guests.
  • What is the set up for babies? Would the parents need to bring their own highchairs?
    We have 4 highchairs which hook on to the tables.


  • Where can we have our ceremony?
    We have two licensed areas, the chapel and outside in the garden under the pergola, so a wet and dry weather option.
  • Who will set up and put away the chairs if it is outside?
    The venues staff will set up and put away the chairs whilst the wedding guests are busy. If there is a chance of plan on the day and the weather changes, we will sometimes ask guests to help move the chairs to avoid disruption to the day.

Venue and Decorations

  • Are the fairy lughts seen in the photos and upon viewing available for use or do we need to bring our own?
    The fairy lights are already mounted and provided by us.
  • Are we able to use the candelabras on the tables and do we need to provide the candles?
    You can use our candelabras. You will need to supply the candles (about 100 standard household candles or 50 double height ones) and our staff will replenish them throughout the evening. 
  • Who will be responsible for lighting the fires?
    Our staff will be lighting and maintaining the fires for you. Apart from the fires in the house which are operated by the house guests.
  • What confetti, if any, are we allowed to use?
    You can use small natural red rose petals or lavender for confetti only.
  • Will there be a table to put the cake on?
    Yes, there are many tables at the venue for you to use as you wish.
  • Does the cost of the venue include everything? What are the added costs?
    Any extras on top of the basic venue hire are;
    - £2,000 corkage if you don't use our evening bar. You can choose to put money behind the bar if you would prefer.
    - £50 per night per bell tent.
    - £100 per night for the bridal shepherds hut.
    - £30 per night to bring your own tent or campervan
    - £15 for an electric hook up for the weekend.
    - £500 if you would like to use our licence to marry either in the chapel or under the tree in the garden.
  • What are the guidelines for decorations?
    You can decorate how you like but the venue must go back to how you found it on departure.
  • Do you have disabled access?
    There are steps in all the barns so any wheelchair users will need a hand navigating. There are two toilets which can be used by wheelchair users.
  • Are fireworks allowed?
    No, fireworks are not permitted but you can use sparkler fountains and sparklers outside the barn.

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