Offering a stage to some of the UK’s finest artists, Higher Eggbeer has built a reputation as a music venue unlike any other; a medieval barn, lit by candle light, a roaring log fire, a fully licensed bar and all just 10 minutes from Exeter.

“Higher Eggbeer is such a special place to play and watch live music.  The atmosphere in that old barn sends shivers down your spine from the moment you walk in” Will Irivne, Hunter & the Bear

There is indeed something truly magical about Higher Eggbeer; there’s a soul reaching energy that sends a sense of wanting, of expectation, into the air.  It draws you in, unleashes deep rooted emotion, builds anticipation and gives a promise of something very special to come.  So much so that artists from across the globe, are drawn to the barn; its acoustics offering a depth and richness, almost impossible to re-create anywhere else, to those lucky enough to take to its stage.

“This is the best venue in England” Luke Colcannon, Nizlopi

“A hidden gem of the UK music scene” Will Irvine, Hunter & the Bear

“This unforgettable venue hosts the most magical of evenings; the perfect atmosphere for musicians to get lost in their music” Wildwood Kiln

The wealth of incredible music venues in the South West is undeniable, but the lucky few who will manage to secure tickets for Higher Eggbeer Unplugged, will be left with something extraordinary; an innate knowing that they’ve experienced a mesmerisingly unique, impossible to forget, night.

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